Demolition Services in El Cerrito CA

Demolition Services in El Cerrito CA

We specialize in the tough demolition jobs no one else can do So when you’re looking for light demolition services in El Cerrito CA, call Summer Hauling and Junk Removal. We’re one of the most cost-effective demolition contractors in town, and we can get the job done faster and more efficiently than most of our competitors. We’re equipped to tear down and remove small structures on your property, like dilapidated sheds or fences, and we’re also available for some interior demolition services. Our goal is to provide a service that exceeds expectation with everyone we do business with, and provide a safe and good working environment. Providing demolition on a national level and delivering the best quality service and develop long-term client relationships is our motto. We understand the importance of maintaining quality and trying to adhere to a strict deadline, all while attempting to remain cost-effective. No job is too big for us. In accordance with our own high safety standards, we are a fully bonded and insured demolition company. We provide all types of demolition services. As professionals, we provide expert quality services and believe no job is too big. Our priority is to provide superior customer service and to build strong everlasting relationships with our clients. We are committed to our clients and our community. Every project we complete proves just how dedicated we are. We will always do our best for our clients! Whether you’re planning a DIY home improvement project or you just want to clear your property of clutter or you’re looking for any demolition services in El Cerrito CA, feel free to contact us regarding any question or to speak with an estimator without any charges. We look forward to serving you with any demolition needs, Summer hauling is standing by 24/7 in your service.

We can demolish and haul away any of the following:

 Swing sets, play sets, and jungle gyms
 Above-ground pools
 Sheds
 Fences
 Decks
 Small interior structures
 And more!

Demolition Services



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We do trash removal in timely manner, so you won’t have problems with trash.